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The Mission of BraveMen Inc. is fulfilled through the unwavering commitment of its staff, volunteers, Board of Directors, and the generous contributions of individual and corporate donors.

Dimitrious at a fundraising event

Our Story

In the Fall of 2019, former Ohio State receiver Dimitrious Stanley was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at the age of 45. He and his wife, Jessica, felt very alone and didn’t know where to turn for support. That’s when they decided to form BraveMen, Inc. – a community where men and their families could openly talk about their health concerns and find comfort in sharing their feelings of loneliness and fear.

Though Dimitrious lost the battle of his life in February of 2023, his legacy lives on in the hearts of many, and the impact of BraveMen, Inc.

What We Do

Getting the diagnosis, and processing all of ways it could impact a man’s life, can be a scary time – filled with a lot of unknowns. But No Man Fights Alone. BraveMen, Inc. offers a private Facebook group for men and their family members to connect with others for comfort, support and the sharing of resources and information.

Through the annual fundraiser, Buckeyes & Bourbon, various fundraising events throughout the year, and the generous support of corporate sponsors and individual donors, BraveMen, Inc. is able to distribute hundreds of Brave Boxes to men starting their prostate cancer treatment journey. The Brave Box is a Care Box of items that he may need along the way, and serves as a gesture of comfort from the provider.

Upcoming Events

Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate awareness and emphasize the significance of early detection in prostate cancer, fostering open conversations about men's health and providing unwavering support to individuals and their families throughout their journey.

Executive Director

Board of Directors

Sarah Barr Sarah Barr

Vice President

Keith E. Dodley Keith E. Dodley

Prostate Cancer Survivor

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Ty Howard

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Eric Ward